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Designer Amy Di Lamarra started her career as a costume designer for Film and Television, but she always had an interest in fashion and accessories.  Her first accessories venture Kudra was a handbag and belt line which sold to retailers worldwide including Anthropologie and better boutiques across the US.  In 2008, faced with moving production overseas in order to stay competitive, Amy chose to move on from leather goods, and began to work as a freelance jewelry designer.   She spent several years designing jewelry for brands such and Badgely Miscka and Hale Bob, but she missed having her own company and vision.

In 2011 Amy launched Sunday Girl with basically a set of zodiac necklaces and has gronw over the next few years to a full line of jewelry.  As Amy expanded on the designs and began to work with higher end materials, she saw that there was a division in the collections. The natural progress has been to develop the higher end collections under her own name.  

The Amy Di Lamarra collection jewelry focuses on semi-precious gemstone, gold fill, sterling silver and gold plated bronze.  Amy's designs are often inspired by the idea of the personal talisman and use a variety of spiritual, mystical, anthropological and historical symbols.  Amy loves playing with layering and proportion.  The concept of the collection as a whole is the idea that pieces can be layered with other pieces to build up a statement look or pair down to the one striking piece.   



All of the pieces in the Amy DiLamarra colleciton are handmade in the U.S., right in Los Angeles.  We use local casters and platers as well as suppliers whose main operations are local.  Our goal is the highest quality and we use trusted suppliers who source stones, and metal findings from all over the world.  We strive to create heirloom pieces that will withstand the test of time.   


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